Intersection Productions

- where creative ideas intersect -

We write, produce, direct, and edit TV and film.

We write books -- thrillers, humor books, and how-to manuals. 

We can create and produce a TV show from scratch. We hire and staff productions, but we also loan out our services as writers, directors and producers to larger production companies to help make their projects happen.

We are also consultants and teachers.

Donald Bull and Robin Berlin formed Intersection Productions in 2000.


Donald grew up in San Francisco, graduated from UC Berkeley and then UCLA Film School, and started a career in non-fiction TV and documentaries.

In the early 90s documentaries were morphing into reality television, and over the next twenty years Donald worked as an editor, director, producer and executive producer on many shows.

He has made short films and corporate videos, and has written how-to manuals and award-winning screenplays.

He has worked with kids at summer camp, cheerleaders, plastic surgeons, rock stars, models, nannies, pot growers, soldiers, celebrities, football champions, circus performers, surfers, and kids with autism. He has plenty to write about.

The Picture Kills and Six Passengers, Five Parachutes are the first two books in his thriller series The Quintana Adventures. Two more novels, Liars in Love and RoadKill, will be released in 2017. He uses his middle name, Ian, for his pen name.

You can also read his blog about life in California: Click Here



For eight years, Robin Berlin served as Vice President of Talent and Specials for MTV. She was the network’s link to the entertainment community, setting up specials as well as managing relationships with talent and talent representation. She was involved in the development process for new programming, as well as establishing the network’s high profile shows. She negotiated and worked closely with movie studios, marketing departments, press, writers, agents, publicists, news, international operations, promotions, managers, ad sales, and production companies.

Following MTV, she was Vice President of Talent for Oxygen Media, where she oversaw the development of the Oxygen talent department in preparation for the network's launch.

She wrote for and represented the Canadian animation company, CINEMARIA, as they expanded into the American film and television market.

She produced "Dodgeball", a short film completed in 2001.

Prior to MTV, Ms. Berlin was Director of Programming for E! Entertainment Television.  She was also Supervising Producer at the entertainment cable network, Movietime. Previously, Ms. Berlin was a segment producer for “Entertainment Tonight.” 

Her essay was published in the book, We’ll Never Be Young Again: Remembering The Last Days of John F. Kennedy, by Chuck Fries and Irv Wilson.

She has written a humor book entitled The Upside of Being Downsized and is compiling a series of her humor essays.

Ms. Berlin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Arts from San Francisco State University where she graduated summa cum laude.

She is also an autodidact expert on health care, navigating insurance companies, and wellness. If you have a health issue that's affecting your pocketbook, she can help.