Six Passengers, Five Parachutes

Convicted killers. A crashing plane. And people paying to watch it on TV...

It's a race from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Hong Kong to Mexico, culminating on a plane flying over the Pacific Ocean.

Army Ranger reconnaissance photographer Stephen Quintana is tracking an international group of investors who create illegal high-end movies of their darkest murder fantasies. They’re the same men who funded the kidnapping and on camera attempted murder of movie star Julia Travers. Luckily for Julia, Stephen made sure he was there to save her before they succeeded.

Now Stephen has uncovered the group's latest underground project: forcing convicted killers to fight to the death for the audience of high-rollers paying big bucks to gamble on the outcome.

But before Stephen can uncover their identities, they shoot him and leave him to die – – or so they think. Stephen survives, and now he's even more obsessed with exposing the group. And being “dead” is the perfect cover for digging deeper and infiltrating the show.

The only person who knows everything is Julia Travers. She’ll do anything to keep Stephen safe, even if that means sabotaging his undercover investigation. In the second book of the Quintana Adventures, Stephen suffers deception, betrayal, and brutal attacks but never wavers in his determination to expose the most insane reality show ever created.